The Birth of the Amateur Beauty Blogette

photo 2

My overflowing makeup case.

Hello, my name is Diane and I am on a mission to review every single product that I have collected while working in a Health and Beauty section. How this blog became my child: I had finally found a break from school and decided to FINALLY clean my room. I am a college student, who work two jobs, and cleaning my room is the last thing on my mind. While making this excavation of my room, I realized that I have a giant amount of products…just waiting to be used and reviewed. In school, I was deciding on building a blog but did not know what my niche would be. When I say I had a light bulb moment,  I went crazy. Why had I never thought of this? Before buying a product, I try to look at reviews of the product to see if it is worth my time but I found that many reviews are from people that are professionals. Why would the average Jane want to read a blog about a beauty goddess who can successfully create the smokey eye of the average girl’s dream?

photo 1

My abyss of a dresser that is filled to the max with product.

Now you know my story, why should you read my blog? I have a collection of products such as shampoo, makeup, lotions, perfumes, etc, all waiting to be reviewed. I will never hold back from the honest truth about a product but with that, you have to remember that this is my opinion and not everyone thinks the same. My goal is to give guidance about products that some of you may have been hesitant about buying. Another good thing to remember is that, when you buy a product, many stores have return policies that allow you to return the product even after you have tried it. If you are hesitant about a product, ask the customer service about the return policy. Nothing should get in the way with you finding that holy grail product.

So without further ado, here is my new blog. I hope you all take something away from this. Be honest about the blog and feel free to share your own stories or experiences in the comments!



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