ColourPop Haul Reviews and pictures! (Finally)

Here is my review for the ColourPop haul I did a while back. It sure took me forever to sit down and actually wear these all! I thought I was going to pick a color a day and have the review in a week and a half but boy, was I wrong! I never realized how much I worry about my lipstick going with my outfit! Here are most of the colors I bought. I will probably review the rest eventually. I found the ones that I really like so I will need to get sick of those first 😛 If you have tried any of these or other colors, please let me know!!

Lumiere 2- This has to be my favorite one out of the bunch. This is a true matte formula. When you first apply it, you have to make sure you keep your mouth open for a minute or so so that the corners of your mouth can dry. This came off a tiny bit when I would drink something but it rarely deteriorated the actual product on my lips. The color is darker than what the tube looks like. For as long lasting as the formula comes off with a wet rag which is a total plus! When I tested this out the first time, I only moisturized but didn’t prime. I definitely recommend priming as well because it avoids those nasty cracks. You do have to be wary after eating a big meal as the inner lining of your lips fades. A touch up should do.


Lumiere 2 Ultra Matte Lip

Shimmy – I didn’t care for this one. The color was nice but my face is super pale and it just washed me out. Maybe I’m just used to vibrant colors. I didn’t prime but did moisturize. As with the others, this wiped off after scrubbing but left a tint to my lips. It looked and felt very cakey on my lips. This is the matte of nightmares, where it feels like it is sucking whatever moisture is left off of your lips. Even when I did prime and moisturize, the product filled into the cracks of my lips right away. I wouldn’t purchase this again.

ColourPop Shimmy Matte Lippie

Shimmy Ultra Matte Lip

Last Call is a créme. It looks and feels a bit like a gloss when it’s on. The color is faint but just enough with my casual outfit. The smell is a bit gross. I used the primer underneath and my nose keeps getting wafts of pure vanilla frosting. The Last Call is just an off vanilla smell. I don’t care for it and is something I don’t think I want to smell everyday.  It’s like a vanilla protein shake. I don’t think I will purchase this again.

ColourPop Last Call Creme Gloss

Last Call Creme Lippie Stix

Plastics is a matte purple/wine color. I love the color! The downside, it’s a bit on the moveable side. It doesn’t easily stay on your lips. I also found that it took forever to get a consistent color throughout my lips because it kept moving as I was applying. Halfway through my meal, you could completely tell it was coming off. While the lasting power sucked, I still am going to continue to use this and might even consider purchasing until I find a replacement color.

ColourPop Plastics Matte Lippie

Plastics Matte Lippie Stix (didn’t realize I had some on my chin!!)

Jingle is a Matte. I really didn’t care for it in the first hour I wore it. When it goes on, it looks and feels more like a cream lipstick. The color is a bright red and when applying, you have to go over your lips a few times as the product moves and doesn’t always cover everything. Everything you eat or drink will receive red on it. After an hour, it started sticking to my lips like a matte usually does. Once the product finally set, it was a joy to walk around with it. I didn’t have to worry about running my tongue on my teeth to get any access red. I find I like this red more than some of the others that I have tried and will eventually review. I do recommend this. It lasted most of the day with only minimal touching up after lunch. I would purchase again.

ColourPop Jingle Matte Lippie

Jingle Matte Lippie Stix

Some honorable mentions. They didn’t leave much impression but I would not purchase for the lastablilty of both.

ColourPop Night Owl Creme

Night Owl Creme Lippie Stix

Ruffle Matte Lippie Stix

Which ones are your favorite? What other ColourPop products do you like?


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