Choose To Be Happy Jewel Timer Bottle in Sapphire Blue from Blogilates Designs


I am OBSESSED with this water bottle. I stumbled upon this on Facebook and impulse bought it on the spot. My first day trying this, it was hard to keep on track. I was at my old job and was on and off the phone and wouldn’t remember to drink it so I would have to chug some. This definitely makes you aware of how much water you are or aren’t drinking. I’m usually really good about staying hydrated but I realized I still wasn’t hitting the recommended 64 ounces a day. The second day I used this, I stayed on track. Within an 8 hour work day, I went to the bathroom 6 times but felt great!!!! Every time I finish a side and have to refill, I feel like I accomplished a goal.

There are other colors and cute sayings that you can choose from here. The only thing I regret is the price. After shipping it was 22 dollars which I probably wouldn’t have normally spent my money on. Etsy has stickers you can buy for a fraction of the price but really, for the time and agravation of dealing with stickers that will peel, I’ll gladly take the 22 dollars because the bottle so far seems pretty durable. If you have a desk job, I would recommend getting some variant of this. Just flushing out the extra water weight will also help you feel better if you are looking to better your lifestyle.

I’m not being paid to make this post (I wish I were haha), I’m just a girl that found a great product!


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