Maybelline Fit Me! Dewy+Shine Liquid Foundation in Normal to Dry – 110 Porcelain

 Maybelline Fit Me FoundationFirst Impression: To apply the product, I put a bit on the top of my left hand and use a brush to apply. It can get a bit messy but I do this with a lot of my foundation. I did half of my face and it didn’t look cakey. It didn’t look too dewy either but it may be the brush that I am using (stipple brush from Elf Cosmetics). The foundation blended in nicely and didn’t feel heavy. It hid the red marks on my face that didn’t have concealer on them.

The foundation didn’t look dewy until I had some natural light on my face. What I was worried about was that my nose gets dried on the tip and sometimes it looks like it is peeling when foundation is added. This looks like if I forget to moisturize – it might cake up. I’m not sure how I feel about the dewy look. I used to like it but i think I’m so used to matte now. It’s a fine line between dewy and greasy looking. In a way, the more I looked at the foundation, the more I didn’t like how shiny my face looked. I added a bit of loose powder on top and it seemed to set better and wasn’t as shiny.

When I touched my face two minutes after application and before I put the loose powder on, it felt a bit sticky. The way your face feels after a workout.

Beginning of The Day vs. End of Night

Long Term: The positive is that my boyfriend complimented the makeup saying that i had a “glow going on” and throughout the day I didn’t feel the makeup. The makeup was also easy to apply (just put a touch on the top of my hand with the Elf brush) and hide much of the redness on my face. The downsides, within two hours, I saw creases by my laugh lines and eyelids. By the end of the night (roughly 8 hours or wear), you could also see the redness of my T-zone and the lovely pimple that hasn’t broken through yet. My undereyes look like I need to add more time to my sleep schedule. I see that in some of the spots, my makeup held strong. I can feel some of it when I rub my hands on my face. I didn’t have a busy day, just lunch and then spent the afternoon with two new puppies. I think with a primer and a small touch up, I could’ve extended the wear.

All in all, the shade matched (better than the powder that i realized was too dark for my face right now!) I’m satisfied with the wear as this could be a great foundation to wear to work. The only major downside is the creasing. At the end of the night, I had greasy looking eyelids. I’m assuming this would be corrected if I primed and wore eyeshadow. The texture is thicker than a BB cream but applied, that is what it feels like. Seems to have the lasting power of one as well. This is not recommended for anyone that has any hint of oil on their skin.

Would I buy this again? I would say possibly. I think I could learn to work with it. It’s one of the better foundations I’ve tried but I’m still on the look out for one that matches to my skin perfectly and doesn’t need to be touched up!

Pre Makeup Products – Ultra Hydrating Beauty Lotion on face and Tucker Ashley Advanced Peptide Eye Complex. Let dry.

Final Picture Makeup Not Mentioned – Elf Cosmetics Undereye Concealer in Ivory, Mr. Write (Now) eyeliner pencil in Jac and City Color Flawless natural loose powder in Buff.

Final Rating: 7/10


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