Arm Workout


Via Pinterest and PopSugar

This is my newest workout that I’ve started. When I say newest, I mean today was my first day. I’m excited though because my arms are the thing I’m most self conscious about.  I’m the type of person that needs to follow a plan so I saw this and thought it was worth a try. This is on top of my normal workout at the gym but my arms are weak. They shake with 20 pound weights. They have been this way for years. Now, as I get older, my arms are external flabby. Much of my weight gain targeted my arms as well. With this, I’m taking baby steps to try and tone up my arms. 

I started with 5 pound weights and will continue to up it as I go. I’m not looking to look like a shehulk. Girls like that scare me.

Readers, are there any workouts that seem to work for you??

I am nowhere near an expert. This is not my recommendation if it’s not right for you. Do not try this if your health does not prohibit it. Contact your doctor and such before trying. – figured in a sue happy world, you always need a disclaimer when talking about fitness and health.


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  1. lexilife
    Feb 27, 2016 @ 16:58:53

    I so need something like this ! I am guilty of going to the gym without a plan and end up doing the weirdest combination of moves, so thank you! x


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