Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles

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I was really excited when I first received the Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Insoles as a BzzCampaign from Bzzagent. Dr. Scholl’s claim to double the comfort in your shoes for those with foot discomfort. The product I received had a Dual Wave Design that comes with a soft blue gel cushion that is suppose to provide superior shock absorption while the firmer purple gel offers added support. These claim to fit comfortably in everyday shoes. They fit pretty well in my shoes, the only complaint about that is that it curved up the side of my shoe and then didn’t cover towards the outside of my shoe.

The price is about $12.99 and comes in women’s sizes 6-10. I would suggest to not cut to the size of your shoe but rather measure it and cut one size as a time. I have a size 8 but it claimed I was a 7. What is great about Dr. Scholl’s is that they offer a money-back guarantee if the product does not sit well with you.

I was stoked to have this because I had been wanting to purchase them for sometime. I tore my feet apart this Spring by wearing thin moccasins at work.. it felt as if I was walking on straight concrete because I pretty much was. I bought new shoes and these arrived about the same time. The first time I wore the Gel Insoles, I did not know what to think. The feeling was weird. My foot felt crammed into my shoe. After the initial reaction, my feet became used to the insoles and I fell in love. I wore these everyday, whether it be to the gym or to work.

I found that most of the time, before the insoles, I would come home from work and my lower legs, ankles, and feet would throb in pain. After the insoles, I did not have the same feeling. My feet actually felt completely fine!

This lasted for about 2 weeks. After that, I found that the gel was coming apart. The thin felt piece on top of the insoles started coming apart and exposing the gel to my feet. I was really upset! I had fallen in love with the feeling that the insoles gave my feet.

I cannot be completely mad because I received these from Bzzagent to review but if I were to buy them, I would literally spend about 50 bucks a month.

Would I recommend this? Hell yes! Not everyone would have to use these everyday or to the extreme that I did. Mind you, I walk on a sales floor at least 4 times a week and go to the gym about 4 times. I was constantly on my feet. I would have loved for these to last longer than they did but that is life.

I gave this a 6 for the simple fact that it accomplished what it was made for. It did help my feet!


Final Rating: 6/10


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