L’Oreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation


*sigh* A mess

First, I would like to apologize for the wait. Lately, I cannot keep my commitments (it is summer so I guess it is acceptable). I promised this post a few days ago but now, here it is. I was excited about this product because I have dabbled with the “dewy” products and wanted to try the other side of foundations. When putting on my foundations, I usually add a pressed or loose powder over to set the makeup and I figured that this was like the two processes in one.

The product comes in a glass bottle which seems to be the favorite of many foundations that I own. I find that the glass bottles are usually bulkier than they need to be and I am running out of room in my makeup case. The slogan for this is “the un-makeup makeup” which is cheesy but as a PR student, I get why the slogan works. The bottle says, “the bare skin perfecting makeup” which sounds a lot like a BB cream. The product has SPF 18.

This product made me realize instantly that I need to stop putting foundation on the top of my hand and maybe go for one of those fancy foundation trays. I poured this liquid on and it was extremely runny. Anyone who is not aware of this could easily make a giant mess. I had to be careful and not tilt my hand to the side because it would run right down my hand. I used a brush to put this on event though the back says that “not recommended for a brush or sponge!” I have never heard of that before. Nevertheless, the application went on smoothly so I am wondering if maybe the product will mess with my brush. Has anyone found out WHY you are not suppose to use a brush?

Ah! Inevitable drips.

Ah! Inevitable drips.

Anyway,  I felt as if I was applying a BB cream to my face! It was the same feel and look until the foundation dried and then had a powdery look to it. The fact that this does not have a pump is a complete turn off because you WILL create a mess without even trying. I usually could do without the pump but this is almost a necessity. This does have medium coverage but I cannot see this being very easy to touchup your face with. The inevitable mess and the powder look seem like they would go against the odds and create a cakey mess on your face.

I feel that the product covered everything but my nose well. I could see redness poking through the foundation if I was not careful (but now that I think about it, I did have a cold so my nose was probably extra red). I wanted to test this product during a humid day and I found that it did cling for the most part. Overall, I never was into L’Oreal products because I always felt like that they were geared towards an older crowd. I noticed that they are trying to bring some youth into their products and I have to say that I was not completely disappointed with this makeup. The only gripe I have is the lack of a pump. While this may not be my “go-to” product, the fact that this matched my skin perfectly means that this is going to be my Vice-Foundation for when my Number One isn’t doing it for me.

Would I recommend this? Yes, but I would say that if you can, test it in the store and see if you think the consistency and look would fit with your face type. I feel like the more that I use this, the more I may like this.

photo-1photo-2Final Rating: 7/10

Side note: I am not using my own laptop but a Mac. I could not figure out for the life of me how to get the E with an accent for L’Oreal.


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