Wonderstruck By Taylor Swift Perfume


I am sure many of you read the headline and went “Ugh Taylor”. Let me tell you, I have followed this girl since I was a young naive teenager who could relate to the teeny bopper lyrics. As I get older, I cannot relate to the lyrics as much but that does not mean that I was not excited to hear that Taylor was putting out a perfume. The ad for the perfume displays Taylor with her usual doe eyed face and one of her bopper songs playing but what got me is the “to be continued” at the end of the ad. I instantly thought, “Sweet, if I do not like this first one, I could try the next”.

Wonderstruck comes in a cute shiny purple bottle with a gold printed top. The price ranges from about $18 for a tube to $60 dollars. The larger bottle comes with charms on the cap. Now to the important part: the smell. I am not big into ‘girly’ smells. I hate cotton candy and sweet pea type smells. I am horrible at picking out distinct smells but the website claims that this bottle is filled with freesia, raspberry, vanilla, honeysuckle, and sandalwood.

I describe the smell as a rougher girl smell, almost musk. I feel like the main smell has to be the sandalwood because I get the fruity smells mixed with a rough smell. This is a great spring and summer smell and I feel that it can be worn at night or during the day. A problem that I have with this smell is that I do not feel that the strong smells stays with you so it is more of a smell for myself than for people around me (which is fine because no one wants to be overpowered by another’s perfume). I cannot see this perfume being popular with the younger teenagers because it is a more mature smell. I think the market will still buy it because Taylor is still relevant.

photo (7)

I do love this perfume. It is not overpowering if you only spray it once or twice and it is not overly flowery or girly. If anyone is hesitant about the smell, I know that most Sephoras and Macys carry it as a tester. I usually pair this with the Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods body wash because I feel that they both have some same keys to them.

I am not sure if I would repurchase because I have a bunch of perfumes that have been on the backburner and Taylor is also about to release her 3rd perfume. I definitely did enjoy this one though…as you can tell by the amount that is gone from the bottle.

Final Rating: 8/10


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