Gillette Venus & Olay Razor in Sugarberry


photo (6)

This next product was provided via a program run by Gillette Venus. Most of my products are actually purchased by myself but I could not resist something that is free. I have had Venus razors in the past and couldn’t wait to review this one. This razor is just like the Schick Intuition (which I tried in the past and hated!) I shave with soap usually because it is cheaper than cream and even if my razor is dull, I rarely nick my legs.

This product has two moisture bars around the 5 bladed shaver and comes with a cute shower holder so that the razor can hang to dry. The package claims, “exfoliates for surface skin renewal and helps replenish skin’s moisture”.  This product is also scented, which is pretty nifty because there are not many out there like this. The instructions said to wet the razor for a light lather.

As I started to shave my legs, I instantly noticed that this would only work for my legs and not areas such as the bikini line or arm pit because of the bulkiness of the bars. The next thing I noticed is that the scent was not too overpowering. I know that when products have scents, there is always a group of people that hate it. I found the smell pleasant and after the shower, it did not cling to my legs.

I would just like to put out there that I am Italian so if I do get lazy (always) and do not shave my legs every few days, then I pretty much need reinforcements on my legs. On days that I would be lazy, this razor would be pointless because I would have to constantly rinse the shaver….which means that the lovely moisture bars would dwindle down to nothing within a few uses. I found that the moisture bars were not silky but rather sticky on my legs. Whenever I would rinse my leg, there was a residue from the shaver. After the shower, the shaver hook is useful but I do not like the fact that I NEED the hook in order to try a preserve the product. Hopefully you can tell from the photos that the bars turned into a deformed bar.

Right after the shower, my legs did feel slightly raw and I did find a small nick (I cannot recall the last time I have cut my leg). Sitting here now, my legs do feel smooth but I had to add lotion to make sure my legs did not produce bumps.

I had high hopes for this product but I definitely would stick to my original shaver. There are too many downsides to this product. The only saving grace would have been if the replacement cartridges were cheaper because I would definitely buy this for days when I just want to shave quickly. The “moisture” bars allows you to shave quickly but the amount of product you lose after each rinse is like money going down the drain.

Final Rating: 5/10



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