Everyday Coconut Super Hydrating Shampoo

Sorry guys for the wait! I just finished my Junior year of college and wow! This has been the hardest year I have yet to encounter. I would take bets on Senior year not even comparing to this year. Anywho, I am back and have a summer full of products to review. This Shampoo post was actually written in a draft awhile back but I did not have the time to add the final touches so here it is.


What can I really say about this product? I had really high hopes that were crashed down in a matter of a few days. The website claims that this product has a luxurious lather but anyone who has tried this product would know that is a lie. I found myself adding a lot of shampoo to my hair because I felt as if I was not covering my whole head and that it was not cleaning my hair. This product seems to be the equivalent to those Wen shampoos.

What pulled me to this product was the no animal testing, no chemicals that normal shampoos have, and natural ingredients. What would not to love about that? Well that is what falls short.

I wanted to give this shampoo a week but I only could stand 3 washes before I had had enough. My hair does occasionally get dandruff but I felt as if my scalp was drying out, to the point that I switched to a dandruff shampoo that I had purchased awhile back that I will inevitably review eventually. My one flaw of this review would probably be that I had not used any conditioner on my hair but I also wanted to review without my results being tainted by other products.

Overall, I gave this shampoo a chance but this is one that will be put into the shower as fair game to any brave souls in my family. The “goodness” of this shampoo did not outweigh the bad and my hair is reaping the consequences.

Final Rating: 2/10 (and mainly for the good of the product)


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